5 Headaches When Finding and Dealing with Vendors

Updated: Jun 17

Many types of brands and businesses need to work with vendors for their operations. For example, book publishers would need to face book designers, printers, and distributors. Companies in the retail ındustry would need to work with suppliers of different products. Even those in the food industry would need to work with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

Working with vendors can help you lay off the product development process since you're essentially collaborating with others. However, it's important to understand that working with vendors is also subject to certain problems like:

1) Lack of Transparency

Some vendors, unfortunately, don't show pricing and companies, which can waste time in the negotiation process and lead brands to discover that the products or services are not within budget. As a consequence, this can certainly waste time and resources.

If you want to keep your brand's schedule intact, ıt's important to find vendors who will be able to keep things transparent. Connecting with a concierge service can assist you with getting the level of clarity you need with the terms involved.

2) Miscommunication

What most vendors lack in transparency, they make up for in communication most of the time. But while vendors want to discuss the value of their platform and services with decision-makers, a brand doesn't have time to filter through and take calls from every vendor.

It's better to be selective rather than to exhaust all your energy and have things end up in miscommunication. It's recommended to work with a service that can speak on behalf of your brand and will also be able to filter out vendors that are not relevant to you.

3) Challenging Ethics

It's unfortunate, but not all vendors will play fair. Some will try to cut corners to make a profit, which is not a good basis to work with a vendor. Even though they're only trying to be realistic, it can lead to many problems in terms of ethics in the long run.

In order to overcome these problems, it's recommended to work with a concierge service who can connect you with quality suppliers. They can also manage the quality of the product you're getting for your business.

4) Insufficient Information

Not knowing what vendors are best for your brand due to insufficient information can be quite a hindrance. If you're looking to find ways to grow your business, then sourcing through vendors and suppliers is an initial step that must be taken seriously.

In order to do so, it's important that you have the right information to work with to find what you need. Finding a service that can provide you with adequate information about your prospective vendors ıs a sure way to start the process.

5) Shortage of Access

Another problem that most new startup brands will face is the shortage or unavailability of vendors. The truth is that it can be quite challenging to get the products or services that you need. If you find yourself with the same setback, there are services that can connect you with a team who can assist in accessing and developing what your business needs.


Connect with quality vendors and suppliers who can provide you with information and the quality that you need for your brand. It's always valuable to know that you can rely on a team that's committed to your success, after all.

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